Will's Favorite Artists of 2010

Here are (by domain) my favorite of 2010

Favorite "Featuring" Artist

Ok, so I have been insanely busy lately but it seems that as occupied as I may be, there is a group that keeps on showing up everywhere I go. I was on my way home from a new year's party downtown last night when I realized: "Damn, Foreign Beggars are awesome!" They have been remixed and used in so many genres of electro lately that you can rarely go to a good party where they aren't played. They've not only helped Noisia in their meteoric rise to fame but have also contributed to Flux Pavilion, Skrillex and many more. This post is a tribute to them and all they've done to the dubstep, breakbeat and D & B scene this year. Here are my top three.

1- Contact - Noisia (ft. Foreign Beggars)

2- Typhoon - Foreign Beggars (ft.Chasing Shadows)

3- Lines in Wax - Flux Pavilion (ft. Foreign Beggars)

Favorite Remixed Artist

Contrary to the Foreign Beggars, the next group is a lot lighter. The Two Door Cinema club is an alternative rock band from Northen Ireland. Their album "Tourist History" is just awesome. They are so upbeat and energetic that a large amount of artists use their music to get the crowd moving. This is why they are my favorite remixed artists of the year. Top three!

1- Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club (The Twelves Remix)

2- I Can Talk - Two Door Cinema Club (I know this is no remix but...)

3- A Cholo You Know - Down AKA Kilo vs. Two Door Cinema Club (The White Panda Mash-Up)

Favorite Artist Period!

What can I say? Drum and Bass is just awesome. I can not go a day without it and this year, Pendulum stepped up to the plate. Their album "Immersion" was huge and produced some of the best tracks I have ever heard. "Tarantula" remains as my ringtone to this day which can actually be pretty bothersome because when someone calls me (even if I am in class and I forgot to turn off my phone) I don't want to pick up. Many of their tracks reached high levels in the UK singles chart and they recently let out their new single "Crush". They are currently on tour going from India, to England and then to North America. I am really sad to say that not only am I missing them in Vancouver (I arrive 4 days too late) but I am also missing Gareth Emery on the 25th because my flight leaves that day. The travel gods hate me! Oh well, at least I have "Immersion" to make me feel better. My top 3 tracks

1- The Vulture - Pendulum

Still 1- Witchcraft - Pendulum

Will always be 1- Immunize - Pendulum (ft. Liam H)

Lets hope 2011 will be as awesome!

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