Interview with Chris Lake + Tracks

The people following us on Facebook or Twitter probably know this already, but we went to Lamouche in late November to see Chris Lake perform and we all really enjoyed our time there. He played a great set.

Before Lamouche, we didn’t really know that much about Chris Lake. I mean… we knew some of his popular tracks, but we didn’t take the time to search for more that much. This has changed. I have 4 great tracks from Chris Lake (remixes and originals) and… the interview we’ve been waiting for since November! I really like Chris’ answers and I must thank him (and his super friendly manager) for making the interview possible!


Here is what he had to say in response to our questions:

Red is me and Blue is him.

Thank you Chris for taking the time to answer our questions and by the way great set at Lamouche on Saturday, I'm pretty sure everyone really enjoyed it!

First of all, I think we'd all like to know what was written on the girl's blackberry Saturday night that made you laugh that much?

Hahahaha, basically, she said that if I played a record by stimming, that she'd find someone to 'blow me'. I found it rather amusing

What's your favorite drink? And what did you drink at Lamouche? WATER??!!

Well yeah you maybe noticed I was on the water. I gave up alcohol completely after the last WMC, as I went a bit overboard, and put myself off drink for life! I honestly much prefer drinking water at shows now. I do so many during a year, and I find it easier to sleep after the show

How do you respond to Deadmau5 claiming you have a big head?

Well I can't deny it, I do! It's physically gigantic, but hey, at least I'm not pale and gaunt, whilst looking like I've experienced 3 weeks of bodily decomposition........... :)

Tell me a little about you. What's your background and what artists inspired you the most? How did you get where you are now?

Well, I'm an English guy who somehow ended up living in Scotland and discovering 'the synthesiser', and making beats and DJing as a hobby, but it all got a bit serious and now it's my career! I mean musically, I listen to all sorts, and so many different artists from various genres excite me. I LOVE downtempo music, which might surprise people who hear my music, but I love listening to blissed out sounds. Air, to me, are the perfect artists. Every record is gold. Singers, I love Sia, Erykah Badu, I blame coco, Lauren Hill, Bush etc. Quite across the board. I think I got where I am now through dedication and persistence. I've been making music for a long time now, and I got lucky to be noticed along the way for what I do, which has led to more people following me. I'm grateful for it all every day

How much better is it to be a DJ than a mailman?

Both jobs have positives I think! I loved being a postie as it allowed me time to do what I love, and it gave me a routine, but yeah, DJing rocks. I love working up a crowd, and getting to listen to music that I love all the time. The only thing I hate is the travelling, but it's something you just have to get used to really.

What do you think of the Montreal nightlife?

It's fun huh! I like Montreal. It's a beautiful city, and the vibe is fantastic, and I've always enjoyed playing here. La Mouche seemed to be going off at least!

Did you enjoy it on Saturday? Is there anything that you found cool/horrible/different/etc?

It was great! Fun vibe, receptive crowd, unexpected text messages. What more could an artist want.........?

According to, you came in 212th position among the world's DJs. Where do you think you should be placed? (We all know this year's DJMag is terriiibleeee)

Lets face it, that whole poll has become a farce, and I want nothing to do with that poll this year. It's not really what this scene is about for me

Let's do a DJMag interview! We need to make sure you're prepared for next year. Haha.

1. What are you best known for?

Electro with pianos I guess as they're my most popular tracks. Oh, and being the butt of all Deadmau5 jokes!

2. Track of the year?

FLG - Back and Forth (Future Funk dub)

3. Gig of 2010?

Voyeur, San Diego in September. awesome!

4. Best end of the night tune?

I liked dropping Felix Da Housecat - Anthem this year. Sick tune

5. Best new club visited this year?

Voyeur, San Diego!

Will you be back in Montreal anytime soon?

Of course, I can't wait to return

What can we foresee from Chris Lake? And is there any specific artist(s) you'd like to work with?

I'm just working on new vocal tracks at the moment. Not done a vocal track for about 18 months now, but I feel refreshed and inspired to write more. I have about 5 strong tracks I need to finish up, so I can't wait to get back to the studio and wrap them up asap

We're almost done don't worry.

I'd like to ask you what do you think about the blogosphere? Is it helping artists or not in your opinion? Do you read music blogs? Which ones are your favorites?

I think blogs have their place of course. I'm a bit of a new tech lover, so I follow crunchgear, macrumors, and sometimes check out some blogs about renewable energy etc. I don't use blogs to find new music though. I don't find it intuitive enough for me

Will you read our blog? It has been said that reading TheHawt makes you happier and healthier. (

Well it that's the case, I'll read it while on the throne each morning...........

Thank you again for your time and is there anything that you'd like to say before sending this email? Any unreleased information? Any mom joke?

Don't eat yellow snow.........

Keep the good stuff coming!


The Team. (@TheHawt)

And here is 4 tracks I personally really like from him! They’re all house tunes and all pretty chill (no extremely dirty sounds here).

Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Chris Lake Remix)

Chris Lake - Only One (Original Mix)

Chris Lake & Marco Lys - Cross The Line (Main Club Mix)

Chris Lake & Michael Woods - Dominos (Original Mix)

That is all! Cheers.

Chris Lake @ LaMouche (Picture by Fred @TheHawt)


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