What happens when spare time meets a passion for music? You get an individual by the name of Nikhil (that would be me). When I am not busy with my schoolwork, or tinkering with fruity loops, I spend most of my time rooted in the blogosphere. Consequently, like every other electronic lover out there, I begin to question the direction in which the genre is heading. The rise of dubstep to the foreground and the recent explosion of high-bass tunes makes me question how producers react to the pressures of conformity. Many have molded to the public's desires, however there are still a handful of artists that stay true to themselves, which is what, after all, drives the music industry further. One of these artists is Flying Lotus. A fundamental pioneer in experimental, trip-hop infused electronic music, Steven Ellison (aka Flying Lotus)has seen a constant evolution that strays from what we normally hear. In addition to the album he is expected to release the following week, he produced a short film to accompany it. If this wasn't enough, he is making an appearance at the SAT on the 12th of October, only a mere 10 days following the release of Until The Quiet Comes. I strongly advise anyone with an interest in experimental music to attend this event. Additionnally, npr has released the album for all to listen.


 Although the popularity of trap music is soaring, and the creativity output of the genre seems to be rather stale at the moment, Baauer comes to the rescue with his recently released EP entitled Dum Dum. This collection of three tracks are all extremely hard hitting, and will surely entertain for months to come. The timing of this release also coincides with his signing to LuckyMe, which hosts quite a diversity of artists, such as Lunice (local Montreal producer extraordinaire), Machinedrum, and many others. Here is an abridged sample to give you an idea:

Straying away from that, the lovechild of Armin Van Buuren and Ana Criado has been released approximately two weeks ago, and deserves a mention. The mesmerizing vocals combined with the signature sound of the well known dutch producer has made appearances in many of his recent sets. The follow-up tune to Suddenly Summer will be an anthem for months to come, creating a warm and uplifting atmosphere which will please any trance lover.


Lastly, I would like to steer your attention to upcoming house producer Hannah Alicia Smith, also known as Hannah Wants. Her recent collaborations with Lorenzo have yielded some rather groovy tunes. This is my first post of hopefully many on this blog, so I will keep it short and sweet. From trance anthems to deep house to hard hitting bangers, I will be keeping you posted on all the latest and greatest. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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