Netflix. Pornhub. Hypemachine.

Every now and then I muster the motivation to rise from the comfort of my bed to venture the world. To say the least, the internet is quite a comfortable place. It can be tailored to your tastes and likes. You want to watch a movie? Netflix. Fancy some porn? Pornhub. Any new music as of recently? Hypemachine (also known as the mother of all blogs). In this rather brief segment I will illustrate the numerous finds that have stimulated my mind enough to keep me from falling into depression coming into finals. Cue unrelated tumblr photo (*insert shameless promotion here*).

1. Cashmere Cat:

Norwegian born producer, quite a mystery (I believe her name is Belinda, although I am not entirely certain), and most notably known for a song entitled "Mirror Maru", we note an ample amount vocal samples, and eclectic sound kits in her arsenal. She recently unveiled a 4 track EP to which the title is revealed above. Listen up, for this artist is a notable up and comer in the makes. In fact, she made it to #1 on Hypemachine a few hours ago. Pretty decent for a cat, wouldn't you say? Additionally, "Mirror Maru" was featured on Rustie's essential mix. She is on the right track. 

2. Machinedrum:

You have to hand it to the LuckyMe group, they house a wide array of artists. Machinedrum is no exception. Quite an old producer, he brings juke to an entirely different level. Also, he has seen little sleep recently; in the past month, he released a handful of tracks, opened an entirely new project with Jimmy Edgar under the collective alias "Jets", and has been destroying dance floors.

3. Seth Troxler:

An American native who simply preferred the other side of the pond, he now resides in London and has been pleasing Europe for many months now. His career started when he was rather young, and has grown into a sound which one can say is rather upbeat. Although he peaked in 2009, he is in no way out of the game; a constant flow of events and some new releases keep us wanting more.

4. Kyodai:

Kyodai is a japanese term to which the english translation is "brothers". A relatively new project from two unknown producers, the result is phenomenal. Although their musical origins remain shrouded in mystery, we can be certain that their music is reputable, and with good reason. With a string of good EPs and releases behind them, the future looks bright for these two. As well as being included in Kerri Chandler's RA podcast, they have been requested to remix a handful of songs which will drop sometime in the next few months. As of now, here is a tune off their 6 month-old EP "Breaking".

5. Ital:

The video of the week goes to a video directed by Planet Mu for Ital's piece entitled "Boi".

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