Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

     Bam! I'm back once again. After having been beaten to the ground by the fine establishment of academia, I present to you this week's finds.

     First of all, Maths Time Joy has released his 3 track EP entitled Hideaway. To say the least, his Facebook page deserves much more than a thousand likes. Every single tune within the EP had me nodding my head, swaying in the layers of smooth and sharp synths, the original percussion-work, as well as the hypnotizing nature of warm vocals. Although they are all distinct from each other, each track possesses a certain progression; starting out slowly, they begin to peak and as a result produce a powerful emotional sensation within. One listen of this EP really took me on a journey, and should most definitely do the same for anyone with a sane ear.

     Moving over to the wonderful Jacques Greene, I must say he has been impressing the masses over the past year. Although still with LuckyMe, his decision to create his own recording label with Joseph Coghill was a rather bold move. However so, Vase is seeing a growing amount of attention from listeners around the world. This is most probably due to the niche in which they place themselves. Their music is extremely unique, and never ceases to sustain interest. This being said, Jacques Greene was unknown to me up until earlier this year when I saw him perform at Piknik Electronique. His set was ravishing, and I have been loving him ever since. He recently released a remix of a song by Jesse Boykins III & MeLo X entitled "The Perfect Blues". Oh, and it would also be important to note that the EP "Another Girl", released last year, has been on repeat my entire week.

     George Fitzgerald has been up to some pretty cool stuff as of recently. A remix of JessieWare's "No To Love" has been stirring up the internet, and with reason. His signature sound seamlessly accompanies the foundation to JessieWare's song, and creates something new and captivating. Featured in Scuba's Fact mix in late October, it has been officially released approximately a week ago.

     Also, Baikal has remixed Ian Pooley's "CompuRhythm", and it is quite a piece! Seeing a release november 19th through Innervisions, this song is most definitely worth the listen.

     Lastly, I would like to direct your attention to global warming. You all knew where I was going with this post, save me the conspiracy theories. Do you like ice? I know I do! To be more specific, Geiom's "Row2Land" music video displays a vast array of glaciers and ice crystals, all with the sole purpose of educating us on our effect on the planet. All jokes aside, reduce reuse and recycle.

P.S.: You know trap music has gone mainstream when Lady Gaga is in on it. For those who aren't aware, she came out with a trap track, to which the video will be directed by the infamous Terry Richardson. Check it for yourselves! I refuse to tarnish this blog!

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