Literally blowing my mind.

     When I decided to write this post, I was on a ski trip with many of my friends and, well, since we were all hungover, I was unable to put slabs of wood on my feet and allow myself to fall. As a result, my desire for productivity led to the words on this virtual piece of paper you are all reading.

     Now that we have this out of the way, allow me to drop some musical knowledge on you Hawt readers. While browsing soundcloud, I stumbled upon a 17-year-old japanese producer from New York. He goes under the name of Y U M E and, quite frankly, produces very pleasant dreamscape atmospheres. The tones remain true to naturalism; this is demonstrated in 2GETHR, for example, when the instruments used in the creation of this song resemble the primitive nature of our planet, encompassing earth-like undertones to create a link of an innate nature with the listener. Although that may sound obscur, it is. Did that confuse you? Same here. Check out the teaser I am giving you, do yourself a favor, and follow him on Soundcloud.

     A relatively recent discovery of mine, and self-admittedly kind of late on this one, John Talabot also seems to have a certain amount of say in the ever-evolving genre. As I went around the FACT magazine webpage, I stumbled upon his mix and absolutely loved it. Consequently, you can all imagine my delight when informed that this man has released his debut album at that very same approximate time the mix was recorded (February 2012). Although approximately a year behind, I refuse to let this gem go unnoticed. Entitled "fin" and yielding from Permanent Vacation recordings, the release encompasses many facets of the artist's talents and tastes. Although this is not his first time around (he has released under a different alias prior), fin was well received and critics claimed to be fantastic (Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, Drownedinsound, etc.). I agree.

     While we're in the past, I might as well bring back this gem from TriAngle artist Holy Other. His album 'Held' released in September of last year, and was relatively well received, although my affinity for existentialism-provoquing music really caused this to strike home. I mean, who wouldn't appreciate something that sums up the entirety of human yearning and the satisfaction of obtaining what is intrinsically desired?

     Enough with the throwback Thursdays. On another note, it seems as though the amount of basement producers is on the rise. Too often do I find Youtube channels dedicated to those desiring to be discovered, along with the plethora of amateur Soundcloud portfolios. Additionally, they are all extremely young, making me feel like I have accomplished nothing since my birth.  However, amongst the majority of bad music the younglings have produced, there are a few who have been blessed with a good ear and a knack for software comprehension.


      All personal shame aside, it is the underground that currently controls anything trip-hop and dreamscape. Would you like me to demonstrate why? This is where Taches comes in. The french native producer released his production entitled "Vegas" earlier this month at the very beginning of the year, and, to say the least, he is off to a great start. In fact, not only does he get my stamp of validation (whatever that means), but that of other producers as well, for an edit from DSTRYD came out short days after the release. Hear it for yourselves; this guy seems to resonate on the same level as Cyril Hahn, with a slightly more upbeat tempo. The usage of pitched vocals and a light percussive kit to emphasize on the soft synth stabs really sets the mood.

     Out with the old, in with the new. Other than basement producers, signed artists have given us a taste of the new year, and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised. In all honesty, I am fucking ecstatic. Bonobo is back in the game with a brand new single off his upcoming release (cough cough new album) (Edit: the name of the album is 'The North Borders'), which was previewed through Gilles Peterson's weekly podcasts last Saturday; might I also add that he has not released original material for over two years. In other words, welcome back to the scene, Bonobo. Also, George Fitzgerald's essential mix, as featured on a sub-segment entitled Future Stars, really showcases how he is going to progress through the year. Additionally, Leon Vynehall's upcoming EP, entitled Rosalind, sounds absolutely amazing, according to the small teasers he released at the beginning of the month. Lastly, Jacques Greene released a new piece of his entitled 'Quicksand' on his Soundcloud approximately 1 day ago; shall we just say my head was nodding to the captivating sampling and progressive layering he is so well known for.

     As this post progresses, I am beginning to realize just how good this year will be. It is blowing my mind. Anyways, enough with the chatter. The video of the week is brought to you by Cid Rim. This LuckyMe affiliate is most definitely one of the up and comers this year. You heard it from me, and Jacques Greene.

     I would like to apologize in advance for the lack of detail pertaining to each individual song. Thing is, if I were to write a paragraph per piece I showed you all, this would become a novel.  After all, my primary purpose is to educate, not review, even though they somewhat come hand in hand.

     Although I have more to show you all, I will save myself for the next time we meet. Until then!

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