Shit Microsoft Silverlight, Get it Together

     Originally, I had written a lengthy introduction. However, my touch pad just went a little haywire and I watched in horror as my computer froze and the whole of my text was highlighted. Thinking it would end the rogue behavior, I placed my fingers on the ctrl, alt and delete keys to bring up the task manager. I must have pressed the latter a split-second before the others, because the next thing I knew, the window was blank and the undo was unresponsive. Our regular readers will certainly be acquainted with my pathetic work ethic, so don’t be surprised when you discover how short this post is. Enough crying over spilled eggnog, let’s dive in to this week’s tracks.
Justin Martin
     First on the docket is a rework from Dirtybird regular Justin Martin. During the label’s Christmas takeover of the Essential Selection, Martin was granted a short solo segment, where he played his version of the XX’s popular “Shelter.” A stand-out track from the episode, the tune plays with a weird 3-note lead throughout, applying numerous filters and flangers. The original vocals are brought forth roughly 1:30 into the sample below, providing a healthy contrast to the Dirtybird influence. The San Franciscan leaves his city’s stamp with a small 808 drum, a large kick and several rim shots, properly representing the bass music the west coast is known for.
The XX – Shelter (Justin Martin Rework)
The XX - Shelter (Justin Martin Rework) by PiazzaDelivery

     For those of you who aren’t sure how the website works, it is possible to check the SoundCloud profiles of those who have subscribed to the sounds of an artist you also follow. In doing this, you can listen to the recordings of little known musicians. I’ve found this process to be more often than not unfruitful, as many users choose to upload work of poor quality and/or taste that doesn’t align with mine. However, late in 2012, I found amawalk and his amazing “We.”

     I find this track to be so aurally pleasing that I wouldn’t be surprised if I were responsible for at least 50 of it’s roughly 200 plays. This is feel good chill out at it’s absolute best, with all the necessary ingredients to get the job done. The song begins with 2-note reverberating synth who plays background to the lead, a xylophone who’s ADSR is so perfectly life-like, it’s hard to tell if the instrument is physical or digital. After a short intro of rapidly conglomerating xylophone sounds, a mystery string instrument livens the mood with the help of some vocal cuts and alternating kicks and claps. This grouping of noise is so innocent and pristine that it feels as though my brain is being flooded with positive imagery. If you simply click the play button, I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that I finally hit the SoundCloud jackpot.
amawalk – We (Original Mix)
We by amawalk
     And now, my favorite of the week, which comes from Algerian producer Mino Safy. Signed to the relatively new Tellurium Records, “Passenger” is a progressive trancer with the hair raising capabilities of a new Armin track. As indicated by Tellurium’s website, the track follows “the best traditions of ASOT,” with an elaborate melody preceding the epic build-up and long emotional breakdown. With support from Beatport’s staff and the guys from Fast Distance, this track is sure to be a big one in upcoming sets. 
Mino Safy – Passenger (Original Mix)
Released on January 3rd on Tellurium Records

     If you have any respect for Montreal’s electronic music scene, you won’t stay home this weekend. This year’s Igloofest finally gets underway tonight, with Mistress Barbara opening the month-long event in place of Sasha. Bulgaria’s KiNK works the outdoor decks on Friday, followed by Paolo Rocco, DJ Sneak and Josh Wink on Saturday. Competing with Igloofest tonight are the girls from Blond:ish, who play at the Velvet Club ($10 at the door). If you’re up for some extra fun on Friday, check Time Supper Club following KiNK for David Tort, or Circus for Sébastien Léger. Saturday’s Igloofest precedes a star-studded night elsewhere, with Wolfgang Gartner playing alongside Walden at New City Gas and Victor Calderone spinning at Stereo. On Thursday the 24th, Igloofest welcomes Ellen Allien and Miss Kittin while New City Gas makes up the Skrillex and Alvin Risk show that was snowed out on December 27th. Nina Kraviz and Pan-Pot do Igloofest on Friday the 25th while Feenixpawl plays Time Supper Club and Raneem takes care of after hour duties at Circus. TNGHT comes to town for their Igloofest performance on Saturday the 26th, playing right before Forza and Mark Knight, the latter who’s set to debut a residency at New City Gas.
     This week’s video is a TV documentary about how clubbing changed the world. Famous actor/DJ Idris Elba narrates a 90-minute special about the subject which is intimately tied to electronic music. It’s a long one, but worth the time for those interested in a rough history of our beloved genre.

     Ok, VERY rough history, but still.

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