Habs in 7

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     The Montreal Canadiens are disparaged, weakened and injured after losing game 4 to the Ottawa Senators. Lars Eller, Carey Price, Brian Gionta, Ryan White and Brandon Prust are all hurting and will not play in tonight’s game. While this may lead some to believe that the Eastern Conference’s 2nd seed is as good as eliminated, P.K. Subban has just scored late in the first, giving the Habs a tremendous amount of momentum that is sure to carry over to the 2nd period, where they will score enough goals to eradicate any trace of Craig Anderson’s confidence, thus transforming him into a turnstile. After this evening’s lopsided victory, the series returns to Ottawa, where Lars Eller will make a miraculous recovery, score a triple hat trick and teabag Eric Gryba at center ice. Game 7 is a lock in our favor and Les Habitants will move on to the 2nd round, where we will face the NY Islanders. Fingers crossed everybody.

     Last time I did it, you guys seemed to enjoy. So, here’s another list of mixes that I listened to and loved this week.

     Isaac Tichauer has a new EP out on French Express, but while the mix in which he first played those new cuts is well and good, it doesn’t come close to matching the level of awesome featured in his mixtape from march of this year.



     I don’t usually like techno, so I was apprehensive about checking out an RA mix, but the recent Solomun episode of the Resident Advisor podcast is truly great. I’ve listened to it at least 5 times already and I still get chills when he plays Charlie Chaplin’s speech from “The Great Dictator” over the beautiful “Charly” by Animal Trainer (13 mins in).

Update: 9:19PM: I just realized that the song bears the same name as “Charly” Chaplin, so the speech may be part of it. Either way, goosebumps.

Resident Advisor - "#360 Solomun" by MaxMuzik


     This year’s Pryda Essential Mix was one for the ages and drew comparisons with what Prydz purists believe to be one of his strongest radio recordings of all-time. The mix in question is Eric’s BBC appearance from 2007. Featuring tracks from Laurent Garnier and Josh Wink, as well as an early version of “Agag” from his 2012 album, the mix provides a close look into his musical development throughout the past 6 years.

Eric Prydz - Essential Mix 2007-03-04 by mattberridge


    Jeremy Olander has stepped out of Eric Prydz’s shadow and has gained a significant following on his own. Two weeks ago, he premiered his very own radio show, Vivrant Radio, which is hosted with one of the most popular internet EDM radio stations, Frisky Radio. It lasts only an hour, but is filled with goodies from his Dhillon alias and an amazing new collaboration with Swedish band Kent.

Vivrant Radio 001 | 2013-04-22 by Jeremy Olander

     Have a good weekend and GO HABS GO!    

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