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Hello, Fred here! Iz me again! Been a while eh? Well, I was busy eating zeh cheese, drinking zeh wine and, considering the French don’t think “Québécois” is French, I guess I was also spending time learning zeh “French”… Oh, and also this (that isn’t me, it’s my friend):
In the past few weeks I’ve been finding pretty great tracks on the web. The first one I want to share with you is another track from Disclosure, which we already talked about here and here. The British (and surprisingly young) bro-duo has been gaining a lot of popularity lately and their debut album “Settle” is being released in a few days (June 4th), so make sure to grab it if you like this next track. I must admit that it is less unique than their other record “Latch”, described by Justin as a track “featuring the best bassline I’ve heard a long while and a vocalist who seems to change gender mid-song”, which is pretty damn accurate, but there’s just something about this track that keeps me from un-ticking that repeat button. Check it out:

I actually found this next track after listening to a new release that I received by email. Ferdinand Weber has been poking me a few times in the last months with his new stuff and I think he’s a very promising artist, but for some reason the track I ended up liking the most on his Soundcloud was an edit he did with Daniele Di Martino of a track by Dillon (not Francis god damn it). If you enjoy this next track at all, you should definitely check his Soundcloud page here, as you’ll most likely love his other releases too. Cute voice, cute beat, cute edit.

Some of you may have noticed that Major Lazer/Diplo is on fiiiire right now. Seems like even after releasing his newest album almost two months ago, this superhuman DJ has been dropping bomb after bomb after bomb in the EDM scene. This next track is in the album and is one of my favourites. I forgot Shaggy existed to be honest.

Still Major Lazer material, but this time it’s some beat best played live that makes me really want to see Major Lazer at a show asap. Raise your lighter in the air and get ready to go fucking crazy (and to burn your finger).

I stumbled on this next record while listening to a playlist during a very boring study session, it pumped me up quite a bit. It’s some kind of DnB but that feels somewhat underground. I really see myself listening to this in some abandoned factory at a rave while looking at how dumb people look when they do too much drugz. Do not forget to plug your subs people, this one’s worth it.

Before I end this post, I’d like to give out a little bit of love to the trance scene. If you didn’t check Armin’s essential mix last week, cancel your appointments for the next 3 hours and please grab it now (direct download link):

Hopefully my next post won’t be in 8 months, but we never know with me. Until then, say hi to your sister for me and cheers! (if you don’t have a sister your mom will do)

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