A Festivus for the Rest of Us

     I’m not really sure what to write for this week’s introduction, but for some reason, I feel the holiday spirit. So allow me to air my grievances towards my position as a division manager for a youth basketball league and my ridiculously boring job, responsibilities that have prevented me from talking trance with a friend of mine. Ben Gold would’ve been there too. Enjoy the pole below.

     Finally, a preview for this track! The Estiva remix of “Love is Strong” achieved moderate success on Enhanced’s 5th instalment of the Digitally Enhanced mix compilation series, but I can only wonder what kind of attention would have been drawn if C-Systems, Jo Micali and Hanna Finsen’s original mix had been featured instead. Built upon the solid foundation of Mrs. Finsen’s voice is a tune that is as delicate as it is energetic. The emotion-filled synth work layers nicely with the breakdown’s piano and the chorus’ subtle claps, all  feeding the buzzing lead that comes full circle to give more importance to the song’s lovely vocals. A definite purchase for all progressive trance fans.
C-Systems & Jo Micali ft. Hanna Finsen – Love is Strong (Original Mix)
Released on October 22nd on Enhanced Progressive

     Until recently, I had never heard of Danny Chen or Statement! Recordings. However, the aptly named label has made a statement, releasing a magnificent production from a relatively new member of the trance family. Putting a capital ‘U’ in Uplifting, Chen easily communicates a happy feeling throughout the tune, staggering rising sounds with a quiet wandering synth in the intro and a reverberating bassline that follows the lead of the 5-note piano sequences that drive the chorus. With “Sunny Days” being reviewed in DJMag Italy, it’s clear that Danny Chen is a name to look out for in the future.
Danny Chen – Sunny Days (Original Mix) Statement! Recordings.
Released on July 16th on Statement!
Danny Chen - Sunny Days [Statement!] by Danny Chen

     If hawtmusik.com had a record of the week, this would be it. Apart from featuring the best bassline I’ve heard a long while and a vocalist who seems to change gender mid-song, Disclosure’s latest single is filled to the brim with clips that could run a track on their own. Whether it’s the quick succession of notes forming the afternoon delightful melody (see what I did there), the  separate vocals that yelp every now and then, the sublime kicks, claps and stabbing cymbals (attack, decay, sustain and release are so short, this element sounds more like chopsticks hitting together) that congregate to form the percussions, the aforementioned incredible bassline or the perfect isolation and/or interweaving of these layers, there’s something in this song for everyone. Having reached the 22nd spot on the UK singles chart, I’m obviously not the only one to think this song is amazing and I hope you join me in supporting Disclosure by purchasing this future classic.
Disclosure ft. Sam Smith – Latch (Original Mix)
Released on October 8th on PMR

     Getting it’s first play during Pete Tong’s Essential Selection on October 12th, the Larse remix of “Love is All I Got” is a deep house tune that is sure to attract a different kind of audience than mau5trap is used to. Originally a collaborative effort between electronica/folk band Crystal Fighters and electro wunderkind Feed Me, the track gets a calmer and groovier take with the help of another fantastic bassline and somewhat minimalistic percussion sounds. It’s hard to downplay how wonderfully the German producer has used the vocals in this track as it seems that he himself recorded the lyrics to specifically go with his instrumental. Along with identifying the track’s mood, the singing gives life to certain parts that would have otherwise seemed endlessly repetitive. Another vote of confidence for German engineering, the Larse remix of “Love is All I Got” is a mandatory buy for all those interested in the softer styles of house.
Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love is All I Got (Larse Remix)
Released on November 18th on mau5trap
iTunes Pre-Order
Feed Me & Crystal Fighters - "Love Is All I Got" (Larse Remix) by Larse

     It’s no secret that I have a broner for Eric Prydz and by proxy, anyone he makes music with. Andre Sobota is a producer who falls into this category, having released a 2-track EP on Pryda Friends in July of this year. His Prydz-like music is not what attracts my attention this week, however. Hiding in the rough of the Brasilian’s SoundCloud page was this diamond, a remake of Sasha and Krister Linder’s “Cut Me Down.” Under Sobota’s tutelage, 2011’s IMS anthem transforms from melodic tech house to acoustic electronica and it sounds absolutely fantastic. While musicians like to take listeners on a journey through their albums and productions of longer length, Sobota possesses the rare capability of doing this within the span of a single track, inserting slightly downtempo d&b percussions and elongating Linder’s vocals to serve his purposes. Transitioning his reconstruction to Sasha’s original lead at the end beautifies the production even more and makes this song well worth a listen.
Sasha ft. Krister Linder – Cut Me Down (Andre Sobota Remake) Acoustic, Electronica.
Sasha - Cut Me Down (Andre Sobota Remake) by andresobota

In terms of shows, the next 2 weeks are booked solid. On October 19th, Raneem will be playing an extended 7-hour set at Circus for a live episode of Drop Zone, his radio show, while Calvin Harris plays his unique crossover style at New City Gas (sold out). The most overused showroom in Montreal opens itself up once again on the 20th to host veteran Bob Sinclar. Let’s fast forward to the 24th, when dubstep supergroup Nero take over Telus Theater for a bizarre Wednesday night show. Friday the 26th begins with Ferry Corsten and Gabriel & Dresden at New City Gas and ends with Ben Gold and Dennis Sheperd at Stereo. The following night is another doubleheader, with Tim Mason at New City Gas (best costume wins $5000), spinning a solid opener for James Zabiela, who pays a rare visit to Circus. On All Hallows’ Eve, New City Gas opens it’s doors yet again, this time for a costumed night with legend Erick Morillo and Third Party.
Finally, I’d like to introduce the new end of post segment that will be featured from now on. Every Thursday, posts will be capped off with a video related to music. It could be a music video, a documentary, an intervew: anything really. This section has nothing to do with songs and artists we like (we don’t necessarily dislike them either), but rather the actual video. This week, the video for Ben Gold’s next single, “Fall With Me.”

Boy, that escalated quickly. I will not apologize for that.

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