No need for introduction.

Let's get right into it. Digital Society resident Paul Pearson is releasing a two track EP in the following week, and it has quite a prominent support group. In fact, his debut has seen the light of day from the likes of Above&Beyond as well as Cycles Radio. Of no importance, what matters is that this release is quite simply a brilliant start to Paul Pearson's career. Eternally features a structured approach to traditional trance bass lines and a melodic composition which seems to speak to the soul. However, this moment of bliss is short lived, as we plunge into the intensity of the following song, entitled Always With Me. Although contrasting in style, we never seem to lose the connection established at the very beginning of the first song, giving this EP a certain fluidity. Briefly said, this is worth a listen.

Due to the electronic nature of this blog, I feel like deadmau5's new album is in need of at least a brief review. The return to his original style is much appreciated, since it was one that he did with quite success. Songs of the likes of I remember spring to mind, one to which my spine would shiver whenever the harmonious breakdowns came into effect. This being said, it's good to see Joel going back to his roots when he began all these years ago. 

Additionally, another well known artist has released his long awaited album. Zedd's Clarity features an array of electro/progressive house with collaborations from the likes of Ellie Goulding, Ryan Tedder, Mathew Coma and others. This album is a clear demonstration of Zedd's classical background, as well as his prowess in the industry. There are not many artists in the electronic scene that come to release full length albums in which the songs flow into each other. However, Anton Zaslavski has created a rather unified piece of work.

For the old-school house lovers out there, NY Stomp, more publicly known as Gerd-Jan Bijl, has exactly what you need. The dutch producer released an EP at the beginning of this year, entitled Can You Feel It, and it is amazing, with good reason of course. Gerd has been producing radical electronic music for the past two decades, and has quite a diverse musical foliage. Associated to labels ranging from Clone all the way to Virgin and EMI, the dutchman is well travelled. Consequently, it is of no surprise to discover that he has worked under myriads of aliases in many musical genres (liquid ambient, abstract techno, deep house, etc.).

Lastly, I would like to steer your ears to an artist that a friend of mine discovered many weeks ago by the name of Leon Vynehall. A native UK producer with a passion for all things eclectic, he released an EP in May entitled Mauve. Whereas Mauve and Homage bounce along the stereotypical synth stabs and bass lines of underground house music, Picture Frame slows everything down, and is completely stripped of the dark atmosphere which was omnipresent in the two previous tunes.

While we're at it, it would be important to note that his most recent EP released a few months ago, and although the mood is relatively more industrial, it still maintains a certain signature element of Leon Vynehall's music. This being said, Gold Language is definitely worth a listen.

Until next week!

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