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     Music can serve many purposes. If you belong to YMCMB, you are probably divulging your overpaid salary, and the luxuries you can consequently afford. If you aren't writing about women, cars, money and other concepts which demonstrate the depth of your being, chances are you haven't made it in the contemporary hip-hop industry. For those of you who stray away from hip-hop, and, for the sake of this blog, take pleasure in the electronic nature of music, there are many who use music with righteous reason.

     Matter of fact is, genres such as trance, house and all its sub-genres, and everything else within the entirety of the electronic sphere seem to differ from the other genres. Excluding those indie songs that describe your feelings in a bizarrely accurate method, the melodic aspects regarding most of the material released these days seem to lack the mental affiliation we feel to certain musical compositions. This is because very few are able to speak to a generation and give them a better understanding of themselves and their surroundings. 

     Attempt to speak your mind in a sentence. How are you feeling? What is rage, sorrow, happiness? My point being that it is almost impossible to describe how one feels within themselves. However, no need to fear, since there are many musicians who specialize in this grey area, and will aid you in the quest of emotional description and exploration. 

     If you are in need of some depressively passionate music, look no further than Cyril Hahn. The Vancouver native is acclaimed for his remix of Destiny's Child hit single Say My Name, released at the start of the year. However, his recent material has been rather solid. A remix of Solange's Losing You has proven that he still has the ability to convey emotions like a champ. Additionally, he released a mix from GottaDanceDirty. These are both worth checking out, and will provide you with emotional support in the unfortunate case of a breakup, or whatever troubles your heart.

    Another artist with the same tendency for emotional expression is none other than Ryan Hemsworth. His recent EP entitled Last Words, which released earlier this year, is without a doubt a great piece of work. Every song seems to tell a story, which is a rare feat in the musical industry. Not only is he able to put together amazing tunes, but his ear for music is on point as well. A recent release from FACT magazine draws many influences, from grimy hip-hop reworks and some heavy trap (courtesy of Baauer) to the ambient musical scenery of Sigur Ros. He also seemed to have emitted many of his very own creations into the mix as well. Take a listen through the link below:

     In other news, Flume seems to be releasing some consistently good stuff this past month or so. The Sydney radical seems to push the limits as to genre definition. In a track released on his Soundcloud the other day, he blends a vocal sample from Odis Redding, simple cymbal percussions and some harmonious synthesizer usage to create something that belongs in our eardrums.

     Musically inclined Berlin duo Nod One's Head (Charlotte Buhler and Bommert Moritz) have seen a track off their EP (Eponym) rise to the forefront of the blogosphere, and with good reason. This minimal track really seems to get us nodding our head. Hilarious, I know.

     For those of you wondering where I have been the past two weeks, I have been faced with many exams and a few too many nights out. However the seas have settled, and you should be expecting more from me in the near future. Before I leave, I am going to link you to a few songs that have caught my eye over the past while. Firstly, a groovy house tune from Tom Shorterz. Secondly, a seriously dark tech-house from Aimless Audio. Thirdly, a preview of what is to come from a deep house producer by the name of Ore. Lastly, Steaming Waterfalls: need I say more? Who needs introductions anyways? "No room for introduction", as I always say.

     For those of you fortunate enough to have inhaled the vapors of any mind-altering substance prior to this reading, prepare yourselves for the music video below. Although it does not pertain to electronic music, it is most definitely noteworthy. True Vulture is the lovechild of alternative rapper Death Grips and Director Galen Pehrson, and it will blow your mind. Take note of the Nietzsche-quoting crow.

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