Blind, trying to stay awake

A friend of mine (we shall call him Noah) suffered an appendicitis at the very beginning of the year, and thought it wise to take magic mushrooms along with a few joints two nights after his operation. Although I was aware of the misfortune this caused for my friend, I was left in the dark as to the details of that very night until a few days ago.

Following the ingestion of his mushrooms, Noah sat around the house to play video games, patiently awaiting for the drug to take effect. However, hours passed without any strange visual appearances. There was no crocodile observing him from across the room. Furniture did not begin to melt. As a result, the only logical decision given this anti-climactic situation would be to smoke some marijuana to soothe those post-operation pains. Half an hour later, Noah began to notice he was falling asleep, as though fainting while seated. For minutes, he fought to stay awake until, out of nowhere, his vision left him. In other words, there was a blind 19 year-old in his parents house who was trying to stay awake, all while awaiting his "believed" imminent death. How would he call the hospital if he could not see? As a result of this, he speed-dialed his best friend to help him through this scary situation. His friend reassured him and found the hospital number, and they parted ways.

Artist: Clouds
Song: Drone Function
Man out of dubs EP
Label: Fifth Wall Recordings

Noah makes the same call half an hour later with reassuring news, as his vision came back, and he no longer felt the need to fight against his own body to stay awake. His friend was happy for him, and recommended that he keep doing what he was doing in order to stay out of danger.

Artist: Jon Hopkins
Song: Breathe This Air
Album: Immunity
Label: Domino

Noah makes the same call half an hour later: "Yo, it's happening again, I think I'm dying." His friend tells him that it should be fine, for the effects wore off previously. As a universal solution, he recommended that Noah ingest large amounts of water. As it turns out, he was right, for Noah went to bed and woke up feeling much better following the nightmare that preceded.

Artist: Night Drugs
Song: Nite is Like
Album: Booty Based Mob Vol. 1
Label: Booty Bakery

The moral of this story is to avoid taking hallucinogens with other drugs following a surgical operation, unless you fancy the aforementioned. Why was this story relevant? Because our appendix is a ticking time bomb just waiting to spitefully cause temporary blindness when paired with other drugs, and possibly kill us.

Artist: Mount Kimbie
Song: Blood And Form (Live)
Album: Cold Spring Faultless Youth
Label: Warp Recordings

The video of the week features dolphins, subtitles and random teen-hipster incest. From Slava, this is "Girl Like Me".

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