Magic is good for your health

Only a few weeks ago, my friends all started getting into the card game known as Magic, The Gathering. Although I was reluctant to join them, I ended up giving into the peer pressure, mainly due to the ample quantity of games being played while we all hung out, consequently leaving me playing with my thumbs for the entirety of a weeknight. Yay. Furthermore, when I have nothing to do, I tend to ramp up my cancer stick intake. In other words, not playing Magic was bad for my health. The day following the aforementioned epiphany, I drove over to a card store nearby in order to purchase an intro pack. Should I mention that intro packs include two booster packs? I most definitely should, because as a child, booster packs were the height of my day. The rush of the unknown 15 cards held in those magical plastic sleeves, one of which might be a mythic rare that would cost over 50 dollars in itself, was stuff of dreams to me many years ago. Point being, you could imagine my frustration when my booster packs yielded nothing but commons and a few rare cards. Oh well, at least I got to relive my childhood.

Inspired from Teeth (2007), displayed above is the death vagina, which just so happens to be a MTG card. 

Simian mobile disco have released an LP earlier this year, in late April, and although we are only covering it now, better late than never. Entitled 'Live', the very name reveals to us that this album consists of a live, un-edited recording of the Philadelphia leg of their summer 2012 US tour. In other words, there is nothing new here, but each track, which has been cured from their discography, is individualized through the nature of their live shows. SMD have always been gear heads, employing numerous synthesizers, drum machines and effect pedals, deviating from the criticized "press play" method of playing gigs. This album is a 68-minute journey through their history, and if one takes the time to listen to its entirety in one sitting, the reward is great. 

Lucian Blomkamp is a 19 year old producer from Melbourne, Australia. According to his bio, he claims to make average songs, but this is obviously not the case, since you are reading this. He has recently released a self-entitled EP, and it is to my liking. His use of stutters in almost every one of his songs, paired with contrasting lengthy tones, whether it be a synth, string instrument, or vocal pitch, creates a very pleasant atmosphere that one can easily delve into. Furthermore, not only are the pieces good, but the accompanying videos are tastefully made. 

Since slava made my previous post, I felt it adequate to follow-up, stating that the song itself was pulled from his new LP, 'Raw Solutions'.  Released on Software Recordings, his music is relatively hard to define through modern musical norms. For example, although this album is considered to be predominantly footwork, only one track sits at 160 BPM. Perhaps this is because Slava has never been one with the footwork scene until recently, drawing roots from old school house, with releases on labels such as Future Times. Thankfully, the New Yorker realizes that genres should not be used to categorize and label music, for it should be the music produced that is used to build new genres. In other words, the present genres are the foundation for the new, innovative creations of many. 

Jon Hopkins, as I expected, was critically acclaimed for his album, 'Immunity', by the likes of Pitchfork and many other prominent music websites. For obvious reasons, FACT decided to allot him their weekly mix, and it is nothing short of amazing. 

Lastly, the video of the week goes to Moderat, who will be releasing their new album in the following month. However, for reasons unknown, it has been leaked and is available for download with little research required. Some artists like to leak their album a few days to a week prior to its release to generate hype, though a month seems like a too lengthy period of time to allot to the Berlin based project. Pondering aside, here is 'Bad Kingdom'. For reasons unknown, it is impossible to find this video through youtube search due to the recent nature of the release, so the link can be found below.

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