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     With this being the third of it’s kind this year, I think I can finally crown the mix post as the official I’m-tired-and-don’t-have-much-time cop out. Keeping my phrases concise and offering mixes instead of new releases significantly reduces the time I spend composing. This week, I’m justifying my use of this template not with the fatigue clause, but rather the falling behind one. Having just returned from a trip to the US during which Internet was avoided, I am unable to properly report my electronic music findings. Typically, I give my impressions time to marinate before I make my mind up about music; the tracks I’ve soaked in sauce since my return to Montreal haven’t absorbed enough flavor for my taste. In the interest of quality control, here are some of my favorite mixes from the past few [ambiguous time period].


     Inspired by this week’s release of Anjunadeep 05, I figured I could write an entry about the history of the mix compilation. As I gathered my ideas, two names stood out from the pack: Sasha and John Digweed. Of the pair, one has had his most recent mix stuck in my headphones for at least the past two months. Close the curtains, dim the lights, drumroll… it’s Sasha. Adding to the challenge of selecting roughly 20 compatible songs, the famous English DJ/producer personally remixes every track included in his beloved Involver compilation series. Here’s the continuous mix of the 3rd instalment, named Involv3r.


     Mix 2 comes from a UK-based bass music producer called Kiri. It’s bass, it’s garage, it’s house, it’s experimental; it’s great. An important highlight comes at 14:16, when Kiri mixes in his fellow countrymen Icarus’s house and garage crossover, “Like I Do.”


     The third of the mixes comes from legendary British duo Groove Armada. They recently took Mixmag’s mix of the week spot with a collection of tunes from the likes of Jimpster, Hot Since 82 and themselves. The hour-long piece contains many different strands of house. Acid, deep, tech, all are welcome.


     Last up is Jody Wisternoff’s preview mix for the aforementioned Anjunadeep 05. I’ve listened both to his and to James Grant’s and I can state that without a doubt, Wisternoff’s is much more entertaining. A new track from himself, the much awaited “Alchemy” remix and the amazing “Kuza” from Alfred Taylor. Check it out and make sure to do the same for the entirety of the compilation. After all the reviews I’ve read and the few cuts I’ve previewed, I’m certain this is going to be quite a memorable volume.


     The video this week is a short documentary produced by Resident Advisor. Their “Real Scenes” YouTube series has received lots of praise for accurately depicting underground electronic music happenings. Their most recent episode takes place in the record shops, house parties, personal studios and streets of New York.


     Have a great weekend!

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