To Say Hi in Czech You Say...

It is always hard to find a lot of new music while traveling. The main reasons is usually that the combination of a working wifi and enough time is almost impossible. After a big lack of new good records in my ears I was in need and had to do something about it, then one thing happened

I can't say how much I loved that city (especially Kreuzberg). East Berlin is pretty much a fuck fest of culture and awesomeness. Their motto is "we're poor but we're sexy" and it is a very very good summary of the life and people there. Few examples come to mind. First, however the fuck you're dressed or tattooed or whatever, no one will ever judge you. The people are extremely open minded and just want to enjoy life (and their beer, that you can drink in the streets by the way). Second, the street art there is amazing and doesn't consist of only annoying tags and such. Third, there are some beach clubs in the middle of the city with some real sand, real weed and real tam tams (awesome right?). Fourth, there are EDM shows every second in that city, making it possible for me to finally quench my thirst for underground sounds.

The show I went to was dubbed Factory Berlin and was at Gretchen Club, which is an old stable that got renovated with a really chill interior. After looking at the set list I thought the night would be amazing, and I was right (look at it on the left). One memorable moment during the night was definitely when Gold Panda played his most popular song "You". And by play, I mean really play it, like an instrument (sample machine, drum machine, effects, etc. etc.). The track is very chill and unique, it's a little bit hard to describe with words, but hey you can make your own mind about it. Here is the original track:

Also, before Gold Panda, a DJ I've never heard of also "performed" (same thing as Gold Panda or almost, but less intense). His name is Hannes Rasmus and I am not going to lie, it was one of the best set I've listened to in a while. It was a very cool "free your mind" type of set and everyone in the crowd was just in their head enjoying the music. I love underground EDM. Listen to these tracks and if you want more, please visit his soundcloud here:

After a great night of music and partying, the next day was very chill at the hostel and they actually played very good music in the chilling room, including Six Days by DJ Shadow, a track that I haven't heard in a while (and that was released in 2002). As I previously stated, it was a Chilling Room, so don't expect some crazy party sounds, expect awesomeness and very good vibes.

Video of the week goes to Duke Dumont with his track Need U 100%. It is quite funny and a good song. I think they guy in the video is very lucky Duke Dumont changed his style (see this track after watching Need U 100%). Check it out:

For all the people who maybe care where I am right now, I'm in Gdansk (Poland) making my way to Ukraine, where I will be in less than a week. Have a nice week people and remember to take it easy!

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