Lame Jokes are this Speed Run’s Collateral Damage

     Yeah yeah, it’s late, piss off. Another week, another post and I think this one is worth a celebration. For the first time since the Hawt’s return, all parties involved are either in work or school. However, this hasn’t stopped us from shining light onto tracks we like to brighten your week. Sure, it might be a little shorter than usual, but at least there is one. Remember those lengthy stretches during exam periods when you had no procrastination material? Gone. Our first post back clearly stated that the blog would be updated EVERY Thursday and we meant it. So enjoy this week’s journey though the EDM universe.

     This week’s first track comes from UK producer David Forbes. Here’s what you need to know about him: he’s been in the business for a while, his classics include “Questions Must be Asked,” He’s worked with superstar Alan Nimmo, he’s backed by all the big shots, he runs Aria Digital and all of his most recent stuff can be found on Andy Moor’s AVA Recordings. This track is fantastic, because it’s a weird sort of trance that a can’t quite put my finger on. I love innovation and this tune is certainly moving in the right direction: change.
David Forbes – Engage (Original Mix)
Unknown label and release date

     I’m going to take a shot in the dark and guess this gets released on Aria Digital on September 24th.
jochen miller
     In my opinion, there is a single producer that best embodies Trouse, Hance, or whatever you call the prevalent combination of house and trance. The mixing of these genres seems to fit brilliantly in live sets, which is why you’ll rarely see a trance DJ without some Jochen Miller in their record box. Miller’s latest, a big room number called “Nevada,” follows in the footsteps of “Zodiac” and “BAMM!” as a hard-hitting trouse track. The sectioned bassline, the short, fast-moving build-up, the melodic driving sound that’s so synthesized, it doesn’t even seem like it could have come out of an actual instrument; it all leaves a lasting impression that is sure to deliver another Jochen Miller hit. The YouTube clip below is an unlisted video, so you may want to bookmark this page until September 17th. Click HERE if you can’t see the embedded video.
Jochen Miller – Nevada (Original Mix)
Released on September 17th on Big & Dirty Records
Exclusively on Beatport

     Big & Dirty Records has the ugliest album art of any EDM record label. Michael J Fox could draw something nicer than that.
     April 2011 was an extremely happy time for EDM fans, as it marked the reunion of Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden. Better known under their pseudonyms Gabriel & Dresden and Motorcycle, these San Francisco natives have produced some of the most timeless songs in  trance history. I don’t think I’ve ever done this before, that is, use a sample from a live show. Usually, I wait for an actual preview to come out, considering the quality of the following video. However, I’ve been holding back posting this track for a while and I can’t wait any longer. And so, without further ado, here’s a collaboration with vocalist Betsie Larkin from their forthcoming album.
Gabriel & Dresden ft. Betsie Larkin – Play It Back (Original Mix)

     I LOVE me some Gabriel & Dresden. I voted for them in the DJ Mag top 100. Speaking of that awful excuse for a DJ ranking system, check out the Hawt this Sunday for a rundown of the best campaign videos for this year’s poll!
     The last track this week comes from legendary producer Sasha. It’s a remix of ThermalBear’s “U Love,” out on Sasha’s label, Last Night On Earth. It’s a huge melodic tech house track that had me grinning like an American at the drive-through window the second I first heard it.
ThermalBear – U Love (Sasha Remix)
Released on August 20th on Last Night On Earth
Exclusively on Beatport

     We’ve learned during this week that the Josh Wink and Azari & III performances at Piknic Electronik are no more, although you can still see Danny Tenaglia at Stereo on Saturday the 25th. On the night previous, you can find youngster Jordy Dazz and Montreal’s own King Louis at Arena Nightclub for the extremely cheap price of $10. Check us out on Sunday when we countdown the top campaign videos for this year’s DJ Map top 100!

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