MAIN ROOM: Bal en Blanc 19

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Main Room

     Experience and subgenre and two aspects that are subject to extreme variety in this year’s main room. From the age difference between, Stef Agostino and Dubfire to the genre difference between Calvin Harris and Nicole Moudaber, this year’s mainstage has a wide array of styles covered.

20.00 – 22.00 Stef Agostino

atef agostino

Styles: House, Progressive, Electro House, Progressive House

One track he’ll most definitely play: Stef Agostino – Galaxcity (Original Mix)

Stef Agostino - Galaxcity *PREVIEW* by Stef Agostino


Fun Fact: He graduated from Concordia’s Electrical Engineering program in 2006.

Booking Grade: B-

     The opening slots are always reserved for the most active local DJs, so we can’t really fault or applaud Playground for this one.

22.00 – 23.30 Franco Fabi

Styles: House, Progressive

One track he’ll most definitely play: We don’t have the slightest idea…


Fun Fact: Franco is an expert in Jouanglais, as evidenced by his use of the word “BAA-TROO-MUH” (bathroom).

Booking Grade: B

     One of the better known DJs in Montreal and a resident at Circus Afterhours, Fabi should feel ease in preparing the crowd for the following performer.

23.30 – 01.00 Sultan & Ned Shepard


Styles: Progressive House, Electro House

One track they’ll most definitely play: Sultan, Ned Shepard & Fedde Le Grand – Long Way From Home (Original Mix)

Fedde Le Grand & Sultan + Ned Shepard - Long Way From Home (OUT NOW!!) by Fedde le Grand (Official)


Fun Fact: Sultan insists on cutting Ned’s hair. He later uses the clippings to elongate his dreads.

Booking Grade: B+

     Their set at BeB 17 still in our minds, the dynamic duo from Montreal is back for another of what is sure to be a memorable performance. Great job by Playground, slating Sultan & Ned Shepard’s true progressive house sound between a housier opener and the king of commercial house.

01.00 – 03.00 David Guetta


Styles: Pop, Electro, Progressive House

One track he’ll most definitely play: David Guetta – Play Hard ft. Ne-Yo & Akon (Albert Neve Remix)

David Guetta - Play Hard feat. Ne-Yo & Akon (Albert Neve Remix) by Active Melody


Fun Fact: Now that the dust has settled from the incessant “Harlem Shake” videos, Guetta has begun to use the song in his sets…

Booking Grade: A+

     Back off haters. Say what you will about David Guetta (trust me, I agree), the man is the most recognizable name in dance music, maybe even today’s music in general. Bal en Blanc consistently being the largest dance music event Canada has had to offer for the past 18 years, it seems fitting he should be in attendance.

03.00 – 04.30 Calvin Harris

calvin harris

Styles: Synthpop, Electro, Progressive House

One track he’ll most definitely play: Calvin Harris & Example vs Sandro Silva & Quintino – We’ll Be Coming Epic


Fun Fact: He once hooked up with Ke$ha. I think that’s hilarious, Scottish stereotypes and all.

Booking Grade: A

     Not that it’s necessarily a good nothing, but Harris’ level of success is slowly creeping up on Guetta’s. His radio-friendly tracks have enamored people the world over, while he still keeps a toe in the underground pool through his eclectic sets and his label, Fly Eye Records. Again, admirable time slotting by Playground as the Scotsman seems to be a solid buffer between his predecessor and the techier part of the night. 

04.30 – 06.30 Peter Rauhofer

Styles: Progressive House

One track he’ll most definitely play: Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child (Rauhofer Big Room Anthem Mix)



Fun Fact: Back he was known as Club 69, he released an album entitled “Let me Be Your Underwear.” He also runs a label called Star 69.

Booking Grade: B-

     I really don’t know much about Peter Rauhofer, but having taken a listen to the tracks on his SoundCloud page, I can safely assume that he’s one of those DJs who frustrates mainstream EDM lovers with slight variations of popular anthems. He teases with vocals from the original, builds-up, builds-up some more, than drops some horrible brostep-electro-pop rework. I hope you prove me wrong Peter!

06.30 – 08.45 Nicole Moudaber

Styles: Techno, House, Tech House

One track she’ll most definitely play: Nicole Moudaber & Victor Calderone – The Journey Begins (Original Mix)

Nicole Moudaber & Victor Calderone - The Journey Begins (Original Mix) [Drumcode] by Nicole Moudaber


Fun Fact: Same as Sultan and Ned Shepard, but with Carl Cox.

Booking Grade: A

     Not being much of a techno fan, I don’t know much about Nicole Moudaber either, but I get the distinct feeling that I’ll be crucified should I write anything even remotely passive aggressive with regards to her. So instead, I’m just going to remind everyone that her rapid ascension into the upper echelon of her genre is supremely impressive, her recent set at Stereo is one of the most beloved in recent memory and Montreal has accepted her as it’s Queen of techno. More than enough validation for me.

08.45 – 09.15 SHADED

Styles: Techno, Minimal

One track he’ll most definitely play: Shaded – Love Bug (Original Mix)

LOVE BUG o.g. mix by SHADED_formerly SHDWPLAY


Fun Fact: He continues to advance his career as Shaded, despite the enormous popularity of his alter-ego, Richie Hawtin.

Booking Grade: A+

     More techno, more cluelessness from moi. Here’s what I know: his real name is Skyler Taugher, he’s a good surfer, he’s an exciting member of Dubfire’s Sci-Tec and Playground was smart in placing an artist who favors minimal between sultry, tough techno and the aforementioned Dubfire.

09.15 – 12.00 Dubfire


Styles: Techno, House, Tech House, Minimal

One track he’ll most definitely play: Dubfire – Octvs (Original Mix)


Fun Fact: Dubfire was once denied access to a “trendy” club in South Beach where Deep Dish was supposed to perform. He was not on the list, thus coining the term “Dubfired.”

TL;DR: Dubfire was dubfired at the door.

Booking Grade: A+

     Having performed at Bal en Blanc in the past as a member of Deep Dish, Dubfire should feel right at home. Slotted in the last performance of the show, the crowd at his stage should be comprised mainly of extremely knowledgeable diehards, which I’m pretty sure would sit well with any artist. Great find for the last of Bal en Blanc.

     Before we part ways, make sure you brush up on the following tracks as they’re certain to get multiple plays come Sunday.

Lana Del Ray – Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix)

Hard Rock Sofa – Rasputin (Original Mix)

Dimitri Vegas, Moguai & Like Mike – Mammoth (Original Mix)

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  1. What happen to the sets? are you gong to upload them like you have in previous years? I'm waaaaiiiiting! :P

    1. Little late for a reply, but it's only recently come to my attention that there was a comment left here. Unfortunately, Afterhours.FM did not broadcast from the trance room, like they had in previous years. To my knowledge, only Mike McCarthy and Offset released their Bal en Blanc performances to the public. You can find both of those in our BeB 19 recap: