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     Editor Fred is currently spending a semester studying abroad, surely experiencing Europe like the underground electronic music gold mine that it is. I’m not sure what it’s like in France at the moment, but in Montreal we’ve entered that time of the year when everything sucks. Spring Break is ending, the snow is melting, slush is accumulating, hipsters’ scarves don’t make sense anymore, etc. To further twist the knife, Fred just took a trip to Amsterdam, which he described as: “Amazing people, amazing city and well, weed and whores.” We jelly bro.
bringing you down
     Sometimes I wonder how French Express turns a profit. The constant stream of tracks they sell for nothing doesn’t seem conducive to a financially successful label. Added to the group of giveaways this week is Jonas Rathsman’s latest, “Bringing You Down.” First introduced through Rathsman’s and Perseus’s Essential Mix, the track features variations on two brilliant basslines, contortioned vocal cuts and a high sustain soft synth that covers the whole of the song. The sound of wind seems to have an important influence in this piece, as evidenced by the use of cymbals and hi-hats in combination with what sounds like a cabasa, as well as the white noise that punctuates many of the introductory portions of the tune. This unique mix of French, deep and Swedish house is a must-have. Did I mention it’s free?
Jonas Rathsman – Bringing You Down (Original Mix)
Released on March 5th on French Express
Jonas Rathsman - Bringing You Down by FRENCH EXPRESS

     Next up is a remix by German producer Dave DK. Signed to Future Classic, his vocal take on Panama’s maiden release “It’s Not Over” has Balearic qualities coming out of it’s rear end. Apart from pointing out that simple fact, there’s nothing more I can say about this song. This is one of those rare releases towards which it is impossible to take an analytical approach. Every time I try to, my blood pressure lowers, endorphins are released and I drift into a state of relaxation and contentment. It’s aural masturbation, really.

Panama – It’s Not Over (Dave DK Vocal Mix)
Released February 4th on Future Classic
Panama - It's Not Over (Dave DK Vocal Remix) by maawill

     The hype surrounding the Pryda Essential Mix has finally settled, but we’re not near ready to stop talking about it. Sure, Eric Prydz displayed his mastery of the decks, but we’ve known he can do that for a long time. The real entertainment came from his literally awesome transitions, his great song choices and the track below. Sandwiched between Pryda’s “Warrior” and “Games” is this beauty, a new ID to add to the vast arsenal of unreleased Pryda tunes. All throughout the mix, when Prydz reached the end of one song, he would tease listeners with a familiar sound, then mix into the song he would actually play. This technique of using interludes is becoming much more prevalent in today’s electronic music circuit. When the track below began playing, I was fully expecting a wholly different tune to follow. Then it dropped and my mind blew.
Eric Prydz Essential Mix 2013 ID

     This past Monday, Broadwalk Records released a long-awaited 2-track EP from teammates Julio Bashmore and Hyetal, who together make up Velour. “Speedway” and “Dial” follow in the footsteps of past Broadwalk tracks; it’s house that doesn’t sound anything like what you’d imagine house to sound like. In other words, it’s creative, out of the box thinking music. I couldn’t choose which of the cuts I liked best so for lack of a tiebreaker, here’s a remix the duo did for BenZel’s “Fallin’ Love.”
BenZel – Fallin’ Love (Velour Remix)
BenZel - Fallin' Love (Velour Remix) by Velour

     A little more music than you’d usually expect from me this week. To cap off my selection of tunes is the latest from Mike Shiver with his contribution to the 10th instalment of Anjunabeats’ flagship compilation series. Amidst the cacophony caused by the rampant trouse on this year’s edition is Shiver’s offering, 7 minutes of veritable delight constructed with muted piano synths and the murmuring vocals informed by the song’s title who both slowly grow and reach maturity in an explosion of sonic beauty. If you only get one song from this year’s compilation, I highly suggest you make it Mike Shiver’s “Ohh. “

Mike Shiver – Ohh (Original Mix)
Released on March 4th on Anjunabeats
Mike Shiver - Ohh by Anjunabeats

     Finally, here’s is this week’s video, an informative trailer for “Back in the House,” a documentary about house music in NYC expected to be released later this year.

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