Preview: Bal en Blanc 19


For a preview of the MAIN ROOM, click here.

For a preview of the TRANCE ROOM, click here.

And now, a word from foreign correspondent Fred:

    Like most of you know, I'm currently in Europe and I won't be able to attend this year's Bal en Blanc. I've checked the prices for plane tickets, but all of them were over my poor little student budget of, well, not much. This doesn't mean I didn't check the lineup and let me tell you, you guys going to BeB this year are going to have fun! Whether you prefer house music or trance, Playground Productions has made sure you’re going to enjoy your night.

     Be sure to come back to the blog in the days following Bal en Blanc for some extensive coverage from the event. Until then, Happy Easter and have a great Bal en Blanc!

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