Conditioning your roommate.

As of the following day, I will become completely self-reliant, studious, responsible adult who inhabits his very own apartment. In other words, I am leaving the nest. A good portion of me thinks that this will be a positive change, where I will grow older and become much more self-sufficient than I currently am. However, the other portion of my psyche is worried about the simple necessities that comprise this independence.

That being said, I have never been much of a cook. Although I attended a culinary school for the duration of a summer in my youth, I have yet make more than the simple breakfast amenities that bring joy to all (i.e. eggs and bacon). In order to survive in the concrete jungle, I have brought with me a very useful tool. They are called roommates, and will cook and do your laundry whenever you ask them to. I guess it is safe to say that if you can successfully condition your living partner to become a slave to your will, your life will become much easier to maintain.

All joking aside, if one does not learn due to curiosity, one must learn out of necessity. Consequently, I might not become the next master chef, but I will be able to make a wide variety of meals that all include ready made foods.

An artist I recently discovered is one by the name of DevonWho. The California-based producer seems to draw inspiration from all wakes of life, for his music sways through genres without a definite linearity. However unpredictable, his signature usage of of undulating, prolonged, comatose-like synths are made apparent throughout his productions. My words are not enough to fully inform you, so here is an old production of his, entitled "Cabbages".

Everyone seemed to be remixing Ciara this year, whether it be through the lens of Cyril Hahn or Ryan Hemsworth. A few days ago, another artist, Jacques Greene (who I accidentally met at an Actress show), has lent his talent to two of her most celebrated singles, 'Body Party' and 'Sorry'. Available as a free download on his webpage, they are remixed in his emotionally saturated style, driving the vocals with sombre tonalities that contrast the jovial nature of the originals in such a way that captivates the ear. Hear them below. 

Jacques Greene is not the only Montreal native who has been stirring up the music scene in the last few weeks. Tommy Kruise has collaborated with skateboard company Dime for a mix tape entitled "Porn for the Blind". The artist dubs this compilation of tracks as "wavy". Available for download through an alternate link found on Soundcloud, the content lives up to its title.

For those not in the loop with Earl Sweatshirt's new album 'Doris', it released short days ago to critical acclaim. With Pitchfork backing it as best new music, Earl Sweatshirt has truly returned to prominence despite his disappearance the previous year. Collaborating with the likes of RZA and BadBadNotGood, the production supported the young prodigy as he evolved from the provocative indifference that comprised his bars towards a leniency for lyrics with purpose. Listen to a song off the album below (Hoarse - Earl Sweatshirt (Produced by BBNG))

There is another rapper that has been getting some attention these past few months; southern hip-hop oddity Lil Ugly Mane has disproved those who believed he had left his career behind him, releasing a compilation of unreleased tracks on two occasions throughout the month. Entitled the "Three Sided Tape" , it contains sludgy, gutted southern hip-hop that remains experimental at very same time. Enjoy!

I will warn you beforehand, the video of the week has the possibility to cause seizures. However, if you see behind this, you will find quite a visually stimulating musical 'experience'. This a light show taken from a set played during the SAT Fest from Baillat Cardell & Fils.

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