I didn’t feel like expending the necessary time and energy involved in brainstorming a snazzy title, so instead, here’s a solid Paul Woolford track by the same name.


     I find it odd that I didn’t notice the following track during Matt Fax’s ABGT guestmix, considering how great I deem the song to be. I was playing Xbox at the time, which might provide a clue as to why, but I usually pause the gameplay whenever a new tune peaks my interest, so the jury’s still out. Regardless, the young Frenchman’s latest release on Arrival is a mysterious one, as I’m unable to decide whether it’s an homage to old-school trance, a return to the transitory period between the latter and trance 2.0, or an overly synthed progressive trance piece. Either way, the beautifully spaced wind sounds, the bright, sweeping synths and seamless transitions from piano to digital pad have me sold on “Point 9.” With all the buzz surrounding this artist and the strength of his productions, 16-year old Matt Fax is definitely one to look out for in the future.

Matt Fax – Point 9 (Original Mix)

Released through Arrival on August 12th, 2013



     Back in February of this year, my one-sided bromance partner, Eric Prydz, brightened a Friday night with a special Essential Mix on the airwaves of the BBC. The two-hour radio show will forever be known as the Pryda Essential Mix, since most of the tracks chosen to be played were produced under his Pryda alias and approached the progressive sound the moniker espouses. In a surprising move, Mr. Prydz recently decided to offer a second Essential Mix in 2013; this time, a live performance, slightly more Cirez D-oriented (his techno pseudonym), broadcast from the Privilege Nightclub in Ibiza. The 82 minute set featured myriad unidentifiable tunes, as is wont with any of his live shows, an up to date edit of his “Personal Jesus” remix, and a tweaking of “Petroleum” by Jeremy Olander and Kent, among many others. Check it out below to decide whether or not he bested his performance in February.


     As much as I adore Eric Prydz, I think it may be in his students’ best interest to fly the coop. Take for example Andre Sobota who, since leaving Prydz’s Pryda Friends, has become one the most beloved names in progressive house. By toying with the tendencies of techno, minimal, and proghouse, he’s lured label bosses with the promise of chart-topping hits, such as his Futura EP for Konstrukt Records, his Jody Wisternoff remix for Anjunadeep and his Surrounded By Time EP for microCastle. In fact, the latter was such a immense success, from both a monetary and artistic standpoint, that microCastle head Mitch Alexander recently asked Sobota back for another go. Out of this partnership came Pulsatilla EP, a crowning achievement in the Brazilian's young career.


     Of the 6 tracks included, title-track “Pulsatilla” easily distinguishes itself with it’s eerily comforting synths, an intricate network of percussion with precisely selected velocities, and its deep, gurgling bassline. It’s greatest success comes from it’s melody, who’s ability to make itself seem far more complex than it is-aided by the ear’s natural attention to the whole of the track, as opposed to individual layers-is the core of “Pulsatilla’s” expressive faculty. I can only speak for myself in writing that I believe Sobota is applauding individuality, while giving equal importance to the role of the private citizen in modern society. Stripped down, this piece of audible art is a wonder to experience, and is equally as lauded as a simple dance number, as evidenced by its stark ascension of the Beatport charts. One of the best tracks of 2013 thus far, “Pulsatilla” gets the seldom-used, very fawking hawt label from yours truly.

Andre Sobota – Pulsatilla (Original Mix) [very fawking hawt]

Released through microCastle on July 22nd, 2013



     This week’s video and final track are one in the same. Ahead of their début LP, Different Sides of the Sun, due in September, UK super group Hot Natured plans to release a fourth single, of which a music video appeared a short time ago. A group of friends embark on a bizarre, hallucinatory trip after a night out in the moving pictures for “Isis (Magic Carpet Ride).” Featuring the vocals of Egyptian Lover, along with the familiar Ali Love, the new single is poised to stand out from the others on the album. In complete contrast with their usual clear-cut house productions, the British quartet have created a deep house so light-hearted that it borders on disco house. You’ll understand what I mean from the first listen; “Isis (Magic Carpet Ride)” devolves into a spell-binding bout of synth-pop at the very end, as if to compare old-school disco to Hot Natured’s own modern spin on the genre. I can’t wait to see how they incorporate this tune into Different Sides of the Sun’s continuous mix.


     Have a great weekend!

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