How to alienate white people.

In China, even the tourists are Chinese. How does this translate to your average white fellow travelling abroad? For every 100 people you cross in almost any city, whether it be Beijing or Hong Kong, there will only be a 10% chance that you will spot a visible minority. In other words, succumbing to the alienation of a month-long trip to China is anything but impossible. For the first few weeks, I felt there was a certain need that this trip was not fulfilling; all racism aside, that need just so happened to be the comforting presence of multiculturalism. Due to the fact that Montreal is a melting pot, it is a commonality to cover the globe, racially speaking, in a matter of blocks. Furthermore, nobody speaks English, creating a language barrier so strong that one is considered lucky to receive a retort following a  mere salutation.

Although a truthful generalization of the Chinese population, the primary cosmopolitan areas are filled with young business men and women who are fluent in English. Consequently, if you happen to stumble into the bars at night, a drunken conversation is not an option that is entirely out the window. Speaking of the nightlife, from personal experience, the youth do not seem to possess more than a surface appreciation of the world's Top 40 and local pop sensations. Nevertheless, they are heavy drinkers and tobacco smokers, since marijuana is strictly prohibited under sanction of imprisonment. Also, the bars/clubs never close in cities like Shanghai, yielding much truth to the youth and limitlessness of night. This equation makes for a group of hard partygoers and second-hand smoke galore, and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Lastly, something must be said about the generosity of the people. The first night I landed in Hong Kong, my sibling and I were shown the scene by a friend of ours who resides in the city. Armed with all but 100$ for our night, the drink menus blew us away, with shots and cocktails starting at 10$. In other words, it is an extremely expensive city. Never fear, Kevin (our friend) is here! He and his friends spent approximately 200$ on us, which speaks for itself regarding their hospitality towards foreigners.

On to the recent musical accomplishments of the talented artists of the world, shall we? Coni, a french techno producer, has released his first EP with Parisian label ClekClekBoom that has been a favourite of mine as of recent. Entitled "My Secret Diving E.P.", this Gallic style of techno, which takes inspiration of garage as well as adhering to the minimal ideology of progression, has created a niche for ClekClekBoom that causes them to stand aside and pave their own way through the vast midst of techno music. Although not revolutionary, and drawing comparison to the likes of Darling Farah, much can be said of Coni's new EP which has evolved from his sound the previous year. Hear the difference below:

Coni - Sunday (Released on Youngunz last year)

Coni - Feel like home (Released on CCB last month)

Omnipresent vocalist on Mount Kimbie's "Cold Spring Faultless Youth", King Krule, the multi-talented 18-year-old, is releasing his debut LP (6 Feet Beneath the Moon) on the 27th of August. Earlier in July, he released the single 'Easy Easy' off the upcoming album, and the video, which has seen a release short days ago, is up to par with the piece. Displaying his day to day life in south-east London, it is filled with the quirks of teenage angst and has a certain charm which cannot be stated, but rather observed. 

J. Tijn is releasing a 4 track EP through WNCL Recordings. For any Blawan lovers, J. Tijn seems to possess the very same industrial sound and upbeat tempo that flared up the dance floor when 'Peaches' would drop. With prior releases on labels such as Turbo and PennyRoyal, the U.K. producer seems to possess ample promise in his respective domain of music, which can be considered a fusion of industrial house and 2-step garage. While the A side is more melodious and soft to the ear, the B side is ment to destroy rave settings at the late hours of the night, with ample bass driven hi-hats and longing synths that give one a feeling of utter euphoria. Set to release this month, here is a preview of the entirety.

The following artist is somewhat of a mystery to me, mainly because I am not even certain of his name. From what I am aware, Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum have recently founded their very own label, called 'Ultramajic'. The first EP to release from this label was from Jimmy himself, entitled 'Hot Inside'. From hereon, it is all quite hazy. All that I can tell you is there is a upcoming release from the label in the month of September named as follows: "METAPHISIX 1: MENTALISM". Another thing I can tell you is that it is quite the 4 track compilation, featuring two new additions to the label's roster, Aden and Creepy Autograph. Hear the preview of one of the tracks below.

The video of the week comes to you from one of the founders himself, Machinedrum. According to him, eyes don't lie, and we here at the Hawt do not believe he could have made himself any clearer. This song has a hybrid nature to it; notice that at the 3:00 minute mark the tonality shifts from upbeat and jovial to something much darker and sinister, as though conveying the message in a much more pessimistic view.

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