Deep and Disco, Disco and Deep; Remixes to Make Your Ears Weep

     Ear tears, a term popularized by the Hawt’s own Nikhi as a clever way to equate visual representation of emotion with sound, is what I’m using this week for lack of inspiration. Lately, my brain seems to fart more often than that of the average human being and in writing this post, I was unable to find a word other than ”weep” to rhyme with “deep.” I deem it sad that I had such a difficult time searching for a rhyme for a word so often heard, although my ego after this sentence finds confidence in my ability to remedy my lack of a knack for rhyming. As always, my introduction is completely independent from whatever it is I write about, so fast forward to the music.

     He calls it a remix, but he’s giving the song away for free and something tells me the label wouldn't approve, so I’m inclined to call it a bootleg. Moon Boots’ skewed categorization aside, the rework of CHVRCHES’ “The Mother We Share” that he recently posted to his SoundCloud page is marked with an indelible nu disco stamp, yet interestingly features a genre ambiguous house/deep house/disco bassline that keeps me puzzled. It’s stuff like this that makes him my favorite French Express artist.

CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share (Moon Boots Remix)

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     In my opinion, Bondax’s “Giving It All” received far too much praise around the time of it’s release. It’s undeserved hype of this sort that overshadowed the subsequent release of Giving It All (Remixes) EP and the nu disco treasure buried within. Not to be outdone by the equally undervalued remixes of Joe Goddard and Friend Within, French Kiwi Juice separates himself with one of the most summer-suited songs in a long time, with brightness emerging from every single clip that comprises this piece. While the timing may have been off by a few months, this one is sure to help keep warm in the harshest of climates.

Bondax – Giving It All (French Kiwi Juice Remix)



     The third track this week is one of two from Konstantin Sibold, a young producer hailing from Stuttgart, Germany. What I love about this remix is its simplicity. Instead of weaving the deep and acid house from “No One Gets Left Behind” into a web of convoluted cacophony, Sibold mixes the subgenres in the most explicit way possible, keeping the whole of the track intact as deep house and isolating an acid house element as a hook. The result is stunning; the contrast of these two opposites takes center stage and makes this remix as danceable as is it relaxable. I realize that “relaxable” isn’t a word, but if you read the introduction, you’ve learned about how I deal with rhymes.

DJ Yellow & Flowers and Sea Creatures – No One Gets Left Behind (Konstantin Sibold Remix)



     Get Physical may be my favorite label at the moment. Its Poésie Musik sub-label has released some of my most cherished tracks of late, like the Martin Roth remix of “Balloons” and the Gui Borrato remix of “My Head is a Jungle.” In Poésie’s latest offering, a drab and lifeless production is saved by the magic of Konstantin Sibold. While Sibold’s “disco” remix of “Into You” may be the most popular from the release, it’s his “years ago” mix that best captures the essence of the track in my opinion. With deep, stabbing, synth sounds acting as both hook and bassline and the strength of some relatively bare percussion sounds, the song turns into a track  more than worthy of Get Physical.

Jonas Woehl ft. Fabian Reichelt – Into You (Konstantin Sibold Years Ago Remix)



     The video of the week is another interview with RiFF RaFF, because I’m lazy and the guy is just funny.


     Have a great week!

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