post travel blues

Honestly, it’s really hard for me to find any kind of general motivation whatsoever since I got back from travelling/living in Europe. They call it “post vacation blues” or something, another fancy phrasing to basically say that when you go from something "awesome” to something “normal”, you find “normal” quite boring. At least there’s an advantage that comes from my lack of motivation (and new(re)found love for sleep) and that would be that instead of being all serious about school and stuff I’ve just been wandering on the web and digging around some new (and old) music.


A few months back I wrote a rant on how I thought that new music sucked: well, to be honest, I think I was just digging at the wrong places and listening to the wrong tracks and genres. I guess I’m a little over commercial Trance and such (although I can still confirm that Throuse fucking sucks) and that even if I don’t enjoy certain genres as much anymore, it doesn’t mean everyone should think like me. Music has to evolve (for better or for worse) and you can’t do much about it, beside trying to find stuff you like somewhere else if that particular genre you liked went to shit (in your opinion).

Lately, I’ve been looking into the debut albums of well-known rap artists (50 Cents, Eminem, …) and found out that before most of them went all YOUNG MONEY CA$H MONEY BUSINESS, they actually had a lot of talent and deserve their fame. One of the most surprising album I have found was Infinite, by Eminem. That album was released in 1996 and most of the world never heard of it because Eminem only got popular after The Slim Shady LP. The whole album is great, but the track entitled Infinite (like the album title) is definitely my favorite. It’s quite nice to hear Eminem kicking it old school. Check it out below, it’s definitely worth your time.


Most of my time has been spent finding nice indie and underground music though. It is unbelievable how much music goes by unnoticed and how much the ones we hear all the time are not always the best; I guess marketing is that powerful. I’ll start by posting another rap song since you probably are already in that vibe if you took the time to listen to the previous track. It is called “Slicker Than Average” and was made by The Mouse Outfit (featuring Sparkz and Dubbul O). Not going to lie, I have no freaking idea who these guys are and let’s thank the Hypemachine for this one (although from their accent we know they’re not form the US and they sound weirdly familiar to the Foreign Beggars). Very very chill track: some piano and quite minimal and standard bass line and drums. Great track to listen to after a long day. FREE DOWNLOAD!


Next is a track from a guy from Sydney that loves Paint (oh, and that makes good beats too). Very happy track (woo hoo!) with some kind of trappy feel from the hit hat, clap, snare and samples. I’ve heard this guy was rocking it lately, so make sure to check his stuff out. FREE DOWNLOAD AGAIN!

Finally, the most random find of the week for me is definitely Vondelpark. Vondelpark, beside being the park of Amsterdam, is a music group from London (UK) formed in 2010. They use many different instruments and seem to turn every song they touch into the chillest track ever. Their last “victim” (or winner) was a track from Pale named Fearing Faces. Here is the dub mix that Vondelpark did:

Also, Vondelpark released in album earlier this year, called Seabed, that is really worth the listen if you enjoyed the track above. Check out their Soundcloud HERE.

The video of the week is the unrated version of Blurred Lines, just because… Woooooooo. PS: Pharrell Williams is a fucking boss. PS 2: Hope you’re not standing or/and in a public place.


Have a great week people!

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