Embodying the Kenyan Spirit (Part 1)

The completion of my weekly quiz marks the beginning of the weekend. In other words, it's time to drink beer upon beer upon beer until one passes out in the comfort of a warm, welcoming floor. As the sunlight dawns the following morning, a headache seeps itself into one's consciousness, as a symbol of your sins of the previous night; no need for worries, multiple glasses of water and ample rest is all one needs to restart the cycle Saturday night.

Personally, my Friday was fairly anti-climactic. Following a brief game of ultimate frisbee with friends, we all headed to the bars for happy hour. Before I proceed, I must inform you all that I was relatively new to the concept of drinking at approximately 5PM, my only prior experience being at frosh. I am a night owl, and normally have my first beer by midnight or so. Amazed by the incredible concept of dollar beers, within the first hour I was already 5 drinks in, and feeling pretty drunk at that point, although that did not stop me from dishing out some loonies for a few more beers. Fast forward to about 9PM, when I decided to drop off my bag (containing my laptop) at my apartment to continue the night. As it so happens, there was no continuation. From what I can remember, I stumbled into my place, took off my bag, and passed the fuck out (apparently it was for "power nap" purposes). Peace homie, as in "I am never going to wake up from this eternal boozy slumber". Not even multiple slaps from my sister could bring me back from the depths of my sleep. 


I woke up at approximately 5AM to a multitude of texts and missed calls, all of them to which I replied at that very time. They immediately called back to inform me of the epic night that I had missed out on. If there is something that I can draw from this entire situation, it is that when you start drinking before the sun sets, it becomes a marathon rather than a race. You must embody the Kenyan spirit to stay awake and functional (optional) throughout the night. Furthermore, my bed is too comfortable for my own good; consequently, I will opt for a floor the next time I consider taking power naps. 

The music I will be providing for you today comes directly from my Ravenight set, so each and every song has been expertly curated by yours truly. 

After having seen Dusky at piknik only short weeks prior, I most definitely was including them in my set. As it so turns out, they are releasing an EP on the 23rd of September. That being said, I was unable to play their new material, although I did play an old (2011) song of theirs entitled "Stick by this". Differing from the current direction of their music, this tune is very melodic and euphoric. 

Following the melodic and emotion-grasping song above, I decided to keep those emo vibes rolling. Kilter is the man for the job. Having remixed a well known song by Ben Pearce, "What I might do", Kilter provides the right amount of tempo for the melody, conveying a piece that I classify as "ear tear" material.

Lost Scripts is a duo comprised of John Talabot and Pional. This pretty much sums up their sound, as it is exactly as one would imagine. The tones used in this piece mesh really well together, employing slightly dampened vocals with pronounced synths that are omnipresent throughout the chorus. The verses come with low notes and a percussive kit that does not overpower the other comprising elements of the song. Taken from a label collective release, "Young Turks 2013", Lost Scripts debuts their song entitled "I'll be watching you".

I will continue my Ravenight set playlist in the following instalment of "Embodying the Kenyan Spirit". You see, I separated my set into two different segments, the first being very emotional, while the other half would be dance inducing. The aforementioned songs represent the emotional segment. I hope you enjoyed listening to these tunes as much as I had fun playing them. 

The rather smokey video of the week comes from Alex Smoke. See what I did there. Of course not. Hailing from R&S records, this tune is entitled "Dust". Speaking of R&S, Tessela released an absolute percussive masterpiece called "Nancy's Pantry", for those of you who are into minimal UK bass.  

Have a good weekend! 

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