Introductory Implosion

     I really liked not having to write an introduction for my last post, so I’m going to do the same with this one. I think this could be considered an introduction, seeing as it’s a block of text that precedes the body of the post, but it completely avoids the responsibility of an introduction. In layman’s terms, not that a non-layman wouldn’t know what an introduction is considering it’s self-explanatory name, an introduction introduces the subject matter that is to follow. Since what is contained in this “introduction” doesn’t mention what’s featured below, it can’t be thought of as an introduction at all. In essence, this introduction is a group of words that is simply filling space. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I don’t think any of you read anything that we write, so long as the block of text is long enough. If it’s an introduction, which on this website is usually reserved for personal anecdotes and laziness-related apologies, I’m assuming that the odds that anyone reads said introductions are even slimmer. In fact, I could write just about anything at this juncture of the introduction and pair it with a completely unrelated image, since I’ve just about reached the paragraph size necessary for dismissal. Therefore, to properly conclude this introduction, I’d like to congratulate myself in achieving my goal of using the word introduction more times than there are lines in this introduction. Onto the music.

wild yeti

     Fantastic Armada-sounding drop and a lovely bunch of vocals from one of the best independent trance labels out there.

Arman Bahrami ft. Alisa Villegas – Beat Of My Heart (Uplifting Mix)

Released through Neuroscience Recordings on August 19th, 2013


     French Express keeps on getting better and it’s easy to see why when they’ve got a guy like Chris Malinchak on their roster. Also worth a mention is Isaac Tichauer’s full-length album “Devotion,” which will be taken down from SoundCloud shortly, so grab it for free while you still can.

Chris Malinchak – So Into You (Original Mix)

Free download via SoundCloud

     Ignore the Hardwell remix of the Mark Knight and Funkagenda remake. Laurent Garnier never would have accepted his song be re-interpreted if he had known it would be edited by one of the faces on the Mount Rushmore of mainstream EDM. ATFC’s on the other hand… just listen.

Mark Knight & Funkagenda – Man With The Red Face (ATFC’s “When The Lights Go On” Remix)

Released through Toolroom Records on September 2nd, 2013


     My brother used one word to describe Dusky’s performance at Piknic Electronik: vibe-inducing. I’d use the same one to describe their upcoming release on Aus Music.

Dusky – Carefree (Original Mix)

Released through Aus Music on September 23rd, 2013


     This week’s clip is BY FAR the worst DJ Mag video this year.


     Don’t forget to buy your tickets for the Above & Beyond afterparty at Circus Afterhours on September 21st, when Rob Naylor will make his debut as a professional DJ. Also, have a great weekend!

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