Yeah eh? What the hell is up “wif the fawking blueberries mang”? Well my friend created light (again) in my life, by making me discover Bleuet (blueberry in French). Gaultier Paré, also known as Bleuet, is a Montreal DJ/Producer that has a lot of potential.

His tunes involve a couple different styles, from dirty electro, to a kind dubstep-ish sound, mixed with rap and glitchy effects (sometimes he even adds a tribal feel to it!). The way his songs are built is really fun, because they aren’t near a style you hear everywhere, but it doesn’t sound like some car exploding with gnomes dancing around (like some other DJs that ATTEMPT to be special... but fail at being good AND special). Sounds more like a rainbow of colours with me smoking a blunt (purple) in front of it (YEAH, SON!). By the way, that sounds good. Just saying. Here are a couple tracks from him. The rest is up on Soundcloud.

50 Cents - Get Up (Bleuet & Waye Remix)
Sup son: Get up.

Bleuet - Breaker (Original Mix) [Very Fawking Hawt]
Dirty Electro.

Omnikrom - Comme à la Télévision (Bleuet Remix Vocal)
Hello there.

Bleuet – Boomstick
Face it, baby you're dynamite.

The Outhere Brothers - Enjoy! (Bleuet Remix) [Very Fawking Hawt]
Pretty damn tight.

Snoop Dog - Snoop Dogg Millionaire (Bleuet "Blueberry Got Primed" Bootleg)
Teh Dubstep-ish track.

They almost all deserve a [Very Fawking Hawt]... Oh well.

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  1. génial! merci beaucoup :) j'te garde au courant pour les prochaines tracks!