Pants Off, I meant... Pance Party.

You’re probably asking yourself what the hell I’ll talk about, since not many people know about Pance Party and because the title of this post sounds so great. Pance Party is a group of 3 DJs from San Francisco. They’ve been pumping a couple remixes that are all great. These guys are talented, really. Their stuff mixes some house to some dirty-ish electro and sometimes some bubbly sound effects. Get some. Hah.

Their EP is out and free to get on their website: it's worth checking. They had some of their tracks dominate the hypem charts not too long ago and it wasn’t because they got lucky... their songs were actually good. I hate how sometimes the first song in popular (top20) sucks seriously (on hypem). Oh well, these doesn’t. ENJOY PRINCESS(es).

The Presets - Kicking and Screaming (Pance Party's Never Grow Up RMX)

Chester French - She Loves Everybody (Pance Party Remix)

Get the EP and other remixes here. There is a link to their Myspace and info about them if you want to learn more.

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