Who wants cookies?

I do.

What the hell.

Okay so. I’ve been listening to this DJ for a while now, but I never felt like posting about him. This guy has the best name ever (after mine of course): Chewy Chocolate Cookies. HOW AMAZING IS THAT, HOLY SHIT?! Well his name is not the only amazing thing in this guy. His tracks are usually remixes of songs that aren’t danceable at all (MOST of the time, NOT all the time). You probably heard the remix he did of Genesis (from Justice) and if you didn’t, you’re missing out on something. Try thinking of Genesis, but danceable, and that, without unknown substances in your blood. Yeah, you said it: Dayrm.

His most recent release is a remix of Pon De Floor (from Major Lazer), which is totally insane. I know Pon De Floor was already a danceable-ish track, but he added some ravey effect to the song, while keeping the tribal feel. He just made it more headbanging, that’s all, yeah, okay. IT’S STILL HAWT FROM THE OVEN, ENJOY TEH COOKIEZZ.

By the way, I won't be able to post a lot for about 2 weeks, since I have all my assignments to hand in and I have tests and stuff. SORRIES.

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One Response to “Who wants cookies?”

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