Good Song and Randomness. I Like the Vibe, Yeah.

So like I said in my last post, I’m extremely busy this week (next week too), so I’m sorry in advance if I cannot keep up with posts. To summarize, I have tests and essays to do/study, there is Deadmau5 on Friday and my girlfriend takes a lot of my time (this one and deadmau5 are awesome). Weee.

I don’t have much music to post, sadly, because I barely have the time to listen to any music or to browse other blogs. SO, Here it goes, starting with the track and then with two upcoming album reviews.

I talked about Bleuet about two weeks ago and he sent me an email this week, saying that his new remix is out. He likes remixing terrible tracks... and making them better, more indie_ish. I really like this one. I really hate the original track though, I really do. Yes, you guessed right, another remix of Pitbull... holy shit. This one is more dark ravey-lounge. You should like it.

Fun stuff, roar.

I downloaded the promo CD of Power (Boys Noize’ upcoming album), and from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty tight if you like his style. If you didn’t get the chance to pick up the two tracks from his EP, get them here. It’s Jeffer and Starter. Just letting you know though, this album is messed up, in a good way. Can’t wait to get the normal and legal version of the tracks (without the “HI THIS IS A PROMOTIONAL COPY OF BOYS NOIZE’ UPCOMING ALBUM, POWER, BROUGHT YOU BY BOYS NOIZE RECORDS. GOOD STUFF” or something like that).

Then, I’ve downloaded and listened to Tiesto’s upcoming album Kaleidoscope. I know most of you hate trance, so I’ll be brief. The tracks are mostly all good and you don’t get sick of the style. He is less “spiritual” if you can call it like that (less parts with classical instruments that give you the feeling you’re watching a movie). Although I enjoyed that aspect of his music, this album is really kickass. It has more potential radio-wise, with songs featuring Calvin Harris and such (NELLY FURTADO WEEEE). I really like it. Here is the tracklist (sorry, no links, I’m not allowed...).

01. Kaleidoscope (Feat. Jonsi) (7:36)
02. Century (Feat. Calvin Harris) (4:42)
03. Feel it in My Bones (Feat. Tegan and Sara) (4:52)
04. Who Wants to Be Alone (Feat. Nelly Furtado) (4:36)
05. La Ride (4:13)
06. Bend it Like You Dont Care (3:22)
07. Knock You Out (Feat. Emily Haines) (5:06)
08. Louder than Boom (4:10)
09. Surrounded by Light (2:39)
10. Escape Me (Feat. Cc Sheffield) (4:17)
11. You Are My Diamond (Feat. Kianna) (4:10)
12. I Will Be Here (Feat. Sneaky Sound System) (3:26)
13. I Am Strong (Feat. Priscilla Ahn) (5:39)
14. Here on Earth (Feat. Cary Brothers) (4:55)
15. Always Near (1:33)
16. Its Not the Things You Say (Feat. Kele Okereke) (3:14)
17. Fresh Fruit (5:23)

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